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This blog is being discontinued.

This blog is being discontinued.
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Revisit Woodsdale's Days of Yore

Local historian Kate Quinn will be at Lunch With Books at the Ohio County Public Library on Tuesday, June 17 at noon to present a program called "Woodsdale Kids."

In an era of innocence and freedom, children who grew up in the Woodsdale neighborhood enjoyed a lifestyle that today's child will never know. "Woodsdale Kids"highlights the myths that the children believed, the unique ways they entertained themselves, and the characters who were part of their lives.

With humor and wit, Quinn will recall the activities that made life in this area so different from that of today's children. "Mothers of today would not think of allowing their children the freedom that we enjoyed," said Quinn. "Imagine sending your child off to play in the woods with a beebee gun and a peanut butter sandwich and not expecting to see him or her again until the streetlights came on (the universal curfew)!. No cell phones, and no worries."

In this period of 1945 to 1960 most mothers did not work outside the home and children enjoyed a freedom unseen today. There were no "helicopter" mothers hovering over a child, so children were forced to make their own decisions and become much more responsible. Children knew every neighbor and even more important, they knew that the neighbors not only knew them, but probably went to school with their parents! They would not hesitate to call the parents of a misbehaving child.Quinn has interviewed more than 60 former or present residents of Woodsdale and collected photos from many families.

For free, fun entertainment and a walk through yesterday, join Lunch with Books as we stroll down memory lane.

Thanks to Wheeling National Heritage Area Corporation.

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